Organic Gluten-Free Orzo Pasta

Orzo pasta is made in the shape and size of a grain of rice. In Italian Orzo means “Barley”. Although it is originated from Italy it is very popular in Greece and is widely used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. This delicious pasta is made without GMOs, allergens, additives and is produced in a dedicated allergy-friendly facility. Our Gluten Free Orzo Pasta is made with three simple organic ingredients: Rice, Quinoa and Amaranth and, is the exclusive Gold Medal Winner of the American Masters of Taste triple blind taste test by Master Chef’s and culinarians.


Additional information

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4 / 5lb bags

Storage Instructions

Organic pasta should be stored in airtight containers in cool, dark, dry conditions. For the best color and flavor, use dried pasta within one year. Storing pasta in moisture-free areas with temperatures between 50-70 degrees will lengthen their shelf life.

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