Food Safety & Quality

“As a company, we constantly strive to provide safe, healthy, affordable organic ingredients for our customers and consumers across the globe.”

Food Safety & Quality

The safety of our food products is a core value of Mountain High Organics. As a company, we constantly strive to provide safe, healthy, affordable organic ingredients for our customers and consumers across the globe. The Milbank, South Dakota facility operates six cleaning lines and four color sorters that can run different products simultaneously and efficiently to meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we also have the ability to clean any of our products to meet whatever set of specifications are required by our customers. All product lines are continually monitored and checked for any inconsistencies. Once our products are cleaned, we can then package them in sizes of 25 lb., 50 lb., 66 lb., 25 kg up to 1,000 kg totes or true bulk loads. We work closely with our growers, warehouse personnel, and outside auditing firms to provide our customers with only the highest-quality and safe organic ingredients. All Mountain High Organics finished products are tested and approved by an Accredited Third Party Laboratory.

Our Warehouses

Mountain High Organics is committed to safely handling our organic ingredients. We have put in place an efficient and comprehensive infrastructure within our warehouses to meet today’s most stringent guidelines. In addition, our New Milford, CT warehouse is QAI Certified. This means that we abide by strict guidelines throughout our warehouse value chain allowing us to maintain the integrity of our ingredients. All ingredient lots are documented and are traceable through our proprietary inventory system and validated through a third-party audits.

Mountain High Organics also adheres to the USDA’s recommended guidelines to ensure the traceability of our ingredients including receipt, storage, order preparation, and inbound and outbound shipping. We also understand that organic ingredients have a limited lifecycle. To counteract that, Mountain High Organics has implemented precise storage protocols, including employee training, strict temperature and climate controls, pest planning to avoid infestation, and strict sanitation procedures in all of our warehouses.

Furthermore, Mountain High Organics has warehouses in Milbank, SD and Omaha, NB that are USDA – NOP Certified to accommodate or customers across the United States. All of our warehouses are also inspected by each of the states and local communities in which we do business in to ensure all health and safety practices are in compliance.


If you’re a retailer or food manufacturer we have an array of USDA Certified Organic ingredients to meet your company’s needs.

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