Green Split Peas

Green Split Peas are one of the most common types of lentils. Green Split Peas are part of the legume family and with variations, a part of the cuisine of many cultures. Popular throughout history for being inexpensive and plentiful, they were a hearty staple that would store well during the winter months. Split Green Peas are husked and split in half. The Green Split Pea has a mild flavor and soft texture and is about 1/4 of an inch wide and soft green in color. The Green split pea has more of an earthy flavor than the whole dried pea, similar to the lentil in flexibility and nourishment. Green split peas impart an earthy flavor and are most commonly used in thick soups and stews. The peas break apart when cooking, thickening the texture of the soup. Split peas even add a colorful and tasty flare to dips, spreads, baked casseroles, and stuffing! Just think of all the great party dishes you could use these little handy guys in to make a delicious taste everyone will love!



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Two 5 LB Bags, 6 Gallon Bucket, 30 LB Case, 2 (5 LB Bags), Case of 30 LBS (6×5 LB Bags)

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