Dark Red Kidney Beans

Dark red Kidney beans are named for their red color and their shape. Kidney beans are a type of legume that commonly comes in two varieties: light red and dark red. Both kinds tend to be firmer than most other kinds of beans, but the light-colored ones are a little softer in texture than their darker cousins. Dark red kidney beans are a type of “common bean” that share an ancestor with black beans, pintos, and navy beans. European explorers first discovered this ancestor bean in Peru and helped spread common beans around the world. Today, kidney beans remain an important part of the cuisine in South and Central America and the Caribbean. Dark red kidney beans are inexpensive and versatile, and they provide substantial nutritional and health benefits. As a result, adding red kidney beans to your meals is an easy way to boost protein and fiber intake without a lot of calories. Furthermore, red kidney beans are a low-calorie food that provides a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrate in kidney beans come from starch; as a result, providing the body with quick energy. In regards to taste, kidney beans have a mild, creamy, nutty flavor that makes them an easy addition to any dish. If you have a favorite soup, stew, or salad recipe, simply toss in a handful of the beans to add flavor and nutrition. Here at Mountain High Organics – we’ve bean crazy about our beans and we hope you soon will be too!


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 in

Two 5 LB Bags, Two 1 LB Bags, 30 LB Case, 2 (5 LB Bags), Case of 30 LB (6×5 LB Bags), 1 (6 Gallon Bucket)

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