Wholesale – Organic Dried Fruits & Nuts

We source nothing but high-quality USDA dried fruits & nuts from our network of resolute farmer that have a personal connection and passion for their products. All our variety of dried fruit & nuts have superior taste, quality, and texture. Nuts like cashews, peanuts, and almonds are heart healthy and a reliable source of fats, protein, and fiber. Dried fruit contains natural sugar, fiber and are a reliable source of antioxidants.

Packaging Options

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Whole Cashews

Item Code: 400

Whole Cashews are actually seeds of flowering trees. The cashew tree, a tropical evergreen tree, bears a bizarre fruit called the cashew apple, from which the cashew seed is harvested. Cashews are a smooth, cream-colored, “comma” shaped nut.

Cashew Pieces

Item Code: 404

Cashew Pieces are delightfully soft and creamy. They are also delicious when added to savory recipes or blended into buttery spreads.

Brazil Nuts

Item Code: 402

Brazil Nuts are packed with flavor, mighty-healthy nutrients & energy with each handful. They are super crunchy and tasty. Need a healthy snack for the road, at work or for your little ones at school? Brazil Nuts are rich in energy, vitamins, protein, minerals, healthy fats, and more.

Almond (Nonpareil)

Item Code: 403

Nonpareil almonds are the quintessential California variety of almond. These tasty drupes have shells that are easy to remove, making blanching very easy. Furthermore, they tend to mature early and are long and thick in size, with delicate, pale skin and shells.

Turkish Apricots

Item Code: 701

Turkish Apricots are packed with flavor, sweetness and mighty-healthy nutrients & energy with each handful. They are juicy and moist and have a great tangy-sweetness.

Dates (Medjool)
Item Code: 705

Medjool dates are a variety of dates enjoyed for their natural sweetness. They’re larger, darker, and more caramel-like in taste than other common types like Deglet Noor. As tropical stone fruits, they have a single pit surrounded by edible flesh.

Item Code: 707

Figs is the edible fruit of Ficus carica, a species of small tree in the flowering plant family Moraceae. Native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, it has been cultivated since ancient times and is now widely grown throughout the world. It is used for consumption in fresh, dried, as puree for confectionery, tinned or crystallized.

Item Code: 706

A mango is a sweet tropical fruit, and it’s also the name of the trees on which the fruit grows. Ripe mangoes are juicy, fleshy, and delicious. Like peaches and plums, mangoes have an inedible pit at the center. It is used for consumption in fresh, dried, as puree for confectionery, tinned or crystallized.

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