Mountain High Organics offers a full line of premium quality and responsibly sourced organic grains that are full of flavor and aroma that meet the highest organic standards.
All organic grains are available in 25lb., 50lb. and tote bags.
Grain, Buckwheat Whole
Grain, Buckwheat Hulled/Groats
Grain, Buckwheat Hulls
Grain, Buckwheat Kasha/Roasted
Grain, Barley Whole
Grain, Barley Pearled
Grain, Barley Hulled
Grain, Barley Hulless
Grain, Wheat HRS
Grain, Wheat SWW
Grain, Oats Rolled
Grain, Oats Steel Cut
Grain, Oats Hulled/Groats
Grain, Oats Quick
Grain, Oats Thick Rolled
Mountain High Organics offers its customers the following packaging options for our raw ingredients:
  • Re-Sealable Pouches
  • PET Containers
  • HDPE Containers
  • Pail Containers
  • 1-10lb Preprinted/Clear Gusted Bags
  • Nitrogen Pillow Pack Packaging
  • 3-Ply Bags
Call Mountain High Organics today for a free, no-obligation quote at 860.210.7805 or complete our online request form regarding our full line of premium quality organic grains.

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